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David Gray first became intrigued with ductless heat pump technology in 2010, when he was introduced to this type of system, and it was explained to him how much more energy efficient they are compared to others. David started researching ductless heat pumps on his own, and quickly found himself captivated by the technology and enrolled in courses at a local College. David already holding a college degree in physics, quickly completed every HVAC course available and earned his HVAC Technician Certificate.  He continued his education of ductless heat pump technology with Mitsubishi Electric where he first earned his Specialist Certification, then his Master Certification, and soon after, his Expert Certification.

David Gray
David and booth

While completing all available Mitsubishi courses he could get his hands on, David started his new business venture, Island Ductless Heat Pumps. His decision to start his own company was immediately validated after his first handful of installations, with incredibly positive feedback from his first customers.

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did these systems meet their extraordinary claims on energy efficiency, but they exceeded them! Customers told me how their utility bills were reduced by a third or more—which are fantastic results. It was even more rewarding to hear customers rave about how much more comfortable their homes were after installing a ductless heat pump system. That is our real goal. Savings are great, but we want everyone to FEEL the Island Ductless Difference!” 


Island Ductless Heat Pumps is focused solely on Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands for several reasons. The first being that David Gray and his family love Whidbey Island, and have a long and deep connection to the community here. David has lived on Whidbey for over 30+ years, watched his family grow up here, and says he cannot ever see himself leaving. David, and the entire Island Ductless Heat Pumps team boast that this community has given them so much, that they enjoy giving back to the community, making Whidbey and Fidalgo Island homes and businesses more comfortable while helping to save the planet one ductless heat pump at a time! 

David & Team at the Whidbey Island Fair 2019

Team and booth
Ductles car

Island Ductless Heat Pumps does far more for its community than provide a fantastic service. From the beginning Island Ductless Heat Pumps has supported numerous programs and community initiatives because supporting local business is very important to them.

If you or your children played on the community parks boy’s soccer team around 1999, you may have met David as the head coach. If you have been involved in the arts here on Whidbey, or every seen a performance put on by one of the local community theaters, you have probably seen Island Ductless Heat Pump’s logo on the pamphlets and brochures as a sponsor. “Whidbey Island is a special place, everyone who works for us has grown up, or lived on the island for years. People here know their neighbors and take care of each other, and that is something I always wanted to support with the company. It is very rewarding to provide great careers to our employees, as well as help our friends and neighbors discover their most comfortable home while saving significantly on their utility bill.” 

Island Ductless Heat Pumps is a proud member of the Puget Sound Referral Program, which shares in their mission to help Whidbey and Fidalgo Island communities take advantage of the benefits these energy-efficient systems provide. Thanks to this relationship with PSE, Island Ductless Heat Pumps can turn the generous rebates offered by PSE into instant rebates for their customers, handling the rebate from PSE on the back end to provide their customers with a hassle-free experience and upfront savings.

In addition to making sure each customer takes advantage of PSE rebates when possible, Island Ductless Heat Pumps makes it a priority to know about all other manufacturer incentives or savings that could be passed along to their customers. If you work with Island Ductless Heat Pumps, you will be a customer for life! It is our goal that you know about every possible opportunity to save on installing or upgrading your system, as well as how to maintain and keep your system running smoothly for years to come. We are also a certified contractor with The Opportunity Council, Community Energy Challenge, and Sustainable Connections.

We whole heartedly believe in our products and installations. When properly installed, a ductless system will transform your home into the most comfortable place to be year-round at an ongoing cost that is a fraction of what most customers currently pay for their heating. Join David Gray and the whole Island Ductless Heat Pump team in their mission to help save the planet one ductless heat pump at a time.

Black unit in kitchen

meet the team

sales team

Pictured from left to right: Charles, David, Bill, and Andrew

Sales team

office team

Pictured from left to right: Mayia, Kimberly, Dayle, and Molѐ the office dog!

Office team
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