Add comfort, savings, and value to your home with a ductless heat pump

November 16, 2020

Invest in your home

People invest a lot of time and money to make a home their ideal place to live. Why wouldn’t they? Our homes serve as a personal sanctuary; they offer relief after a long day and a space to gather with our loved ones. The efficiency of our heating and cooling system greatly contributes to our comfort level. 

Many of us have experienced how one area of the home benefits from a central heating unit more than others. Even after turning up the thermostat, the drafty parts of the house are still chilly. Ductless heat pumps resolve this issue with its energy-efficient technology and zoned heating and cooling, ensuring every room sits at the perfect temperature for how you use that space.

Converting your inconsistent central heating to a ductless heat pump system also increases the value of your home by at least 7%. Ductless heat pumps not only add value to your home, but also improve the quality of your comfort in the place you love. That’s why more people are going ductless. 

Manage your comfort

When you invest in a zoned heating and cooling system, you also invest in making your home as enjoyable as possible. Watching TV in a frigid living room or trying to sleep in an overheated bedroom are less than ideal situations. Ductless heat pumps allow you to modify the climate in each room with zoned heating and cooling technology. If the temperature in an area of your home is not to your liking, you can simply adjust it with a click of the remote control for that room. This way, you can relax easily in a warm living room and sleep soundly in a cozy—but cooler—bedroom. 

Add to your home’s value

Installing a ductless heat pump pays you back twofold by providing the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling system available and adding value to your home. A surging number of people are willing to spend money to live in an energy-efficient home for many reasons. It saves money on utility bills by using 40%–60% less electricity than other central heating systems. It reduces your home’s carbon footprint by burning fewer fossil fuels to heat your home. Not to mention, the multi-stage filtration that cleans and improves your home’s air quality. 

On average, ductless heat pumps add a $10,400–$17,000 price premium to homes in most parts of the US; which means ductless heat pumps increase your home’s resale value. So, if you ever decide to sell, you can sell at a higher price thanks to your efficient heat pump technology. 

In closing

Invest in your quality of life by investing in the value of your home with Island Ductless Heat Pumps. Give us a call at (360) 321-4252 or submit a request to discuss installing a ductless heat pump today.

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