Financing and Savings

We are committed to healthier homes and happier communities – all while providing unbeatable products, services, and prices. By partnering with local programs and our manufacturers, our team will help you find the right product and services for your home at a price that can’t be beat. We’ll handle the paperwork and instantly apply your savings. 

Be sure to check this page often, as we will consistently update it with the latest rebate programs and financing opportunities available. Start enjoying energy-efficient comfort without breaking the bank!    

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Rebate Programs 

Upgrade your comfort and save money at the same time! Take advantage of our available rebate programs when you install a ductless heat pump.  

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Financing Options 

Our flexible financing options make installing a ductless heat pump affordable and convenient. Start enjoying energy-efficient comfort without breaking the bank. 

Savings and Rebates Programs

As a part of our commitment to saving the planet one ductless heat pump at a time, we want to make it easier than ever for you to make the switch to go ductless. From tax credits to manufacturer rebates, energy credits, and local programs, our team will be sure to help you take advantage of the opportunities you may qualify for. You can count on us to take care of the details and paperwork while you enjoy the benefits! 

Be sure to check out Puget Sound Energy Rebates & Manufacturer Incentives below.  These could add up to a total instant savings of $3,600 off the cost of your install or $4,500 for manufactured homes!

Tax Credits from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

The popularity of ductless heating and cooling systems continues to skyrocket as national attention highlights their energy efficiency and reduced impact on the environment. In fact, on August 16, 2022, President Joe Biden signed the landmark Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law, marking America’s largest investment in climate and energy throughout history.  

This act includes funds to invest in green power, reduce emissions, increase environmental justice, and offer incentives like tax credits for builders and homeowners who utilize renewable energy. “Renewable energy” includes your ductless heat pump, of course! 

Homeowner tax credits  

If you plan to replace your furnace or air conditioner with a ductless system in 2023, enjoy a tax credit of 30% off the system installation cost, for up to $2,000 including the cost for electrical system upgrades needed to make your home heat pump ready. Additionally, state programs offer income-qualifying households rebates for heat pump purchases (up to $8,000) and up to $4,000 for needed electrical upgrades. 

Homebuilder incentives 

The Inflation Reduction Act also rewards those who have acquired newly built energy efficient homes and units on or after January 1, 2023 through 2032. Per Section 45L Tax Credit for Energy Efficient New Homes, ENERGY STAR-certified single-family, and manufactured residences will receive a tax credit of $2,500, while multifamily homes will receive a tax credit of $500 or more if wage requirements are met. 

Puget Sound Energy Rebates

As part of Puget Sound Energy’s commitment to lowering energy use, PSE is offering several rebates when you install an energy-efficient ductless heat pump in your home! We will remove the amount your home qualifies for from your invoice and handle all of the paperwork to ensure receiving your rebate is instant and hassle-free! 

  • Stick-built homes that are electrically heated, or currently heated with another qualifying system, can receive an instant rebate of $1,500 off their installation. 
  • Income-qualified customers may be eligible for increased Efficiency Boost rebates adding up to a total of $2,100 off.
  • Manufactured and Mobile homeowners can receive an instant rebate of $2,800 to $3,000 off their installation.   
  • PSE has announced a special additional $500 LIMITED TIME OFFER (LTO) rebate when you partner with Island Ductless, a PSE Recommended Energy Professional, on installations completed by June 15, 2024:
    • LTO Start Date: April 1st
    • LTO End Date: May 15th,
    • Installation Deadline: June 15th.

Manufacturer Incentives

As an Elite Diamond Contractor for Mitsubishi, we can provide their SPRING 2024 REBATE manufacturer incentives starting at $400 up to $1000 off. When discussing your system options, our team will let you know what incentives are currently available. 

Community Energy Challenge

The Community Energy Challenge makes achieving energy efficiency as easy as possible from start to finish. Rebates are available for up to $2,000 for qualifying households. 

Financing Options

Decrease utility bills and boost your home’s resale value by switching to ductless. We also have several financing options available.

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Green Energy Loan

Our most popular plan, the Green Energy loan, offers interest rates starting at 4.5%, depending on your credit. With up to 180 months to pay and a $50 minimum monthly payment, it is a great option for many homeowners. 

18 months same as cash

18 Months Same as Cash

It’s as simple as it sounds – equal monthly payments for 18 months. This option requires a $29 setup fee. Note: A 26.99% interest rate is applied if you don’t pay off on schedule.

Kicking Gas Program

We are thrilled to partner with Kicking Gas, which offers South Whidbey residents the opportunity to convert their homes to efficient, cost-effective ductless heat pumps and save 20% to 50% off the total project cost!

About the Program

Kicking Gas is a local campaign led by the non-profit “For the People” with a mission to convert 100 homes on South Whidbey, Washington, to ductless heat pumps to help decarbonize Whidbey Island and strengthen our community in the face of the energy and climate challenges today and in the future. Local residents are highly encouraged to apply for and benefit from the cost savings.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A resident of South Whidbey Island, Washington (Greenbank and South)
  • Currently heating your home with propane, oil, or wood
  • Converting the heating system in the main area of the house