Generators offer convenience, comfort, and, most importantly, peace of mind in the event of a power outage. We provide full installation and maintenance services for a variety of generator sizes to meet the needs of customers across all Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island communities.

Honeywell Generator

Honeywell Home Backup Generators

Honeywell Home Generators take the stress out of power outages. This whole home system is permanently installed outside and is connected to your propane or natural gas, ready to automatically kick on and keep you fully powered and comfortable without missing a beat.

Choose the best size to meet your needs: 10kW, 14kW, 22kW, & 24kW


Portable generators

For those who don’t want a permanent installation but still would like some backup power, we can set up ports to easily connect portable generators to your home, switch between local and generator power, and keep essential functions up and running.

The same exceptional service you can always expect from Island Ductless

Every customer’s situation and needs are different, but we are here to help you through every step of the process. This may include:

  • Consultation with an electrician
  • Providing plans and quotes
  • Supplying electrical and mechanical permits
  • Assisting in site preparation planning, including planning for the addition of  propane or natural gas
  • Installation
  • Long-term maintenance and repair services

Already have a system in place? Our team can provide maintenance and repair services for Honeywell and Generac generators, even if we didn’t install your system.

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Common Questions

Why Honeywell Generators?

Honeywell is a well-established provider of high-quality generators. From a servicing standpoint, that means our team is able to source parts faster and work with a responsive customer support team on your behalf for warranty claims or similar issues.

Which type of generator is right for me?

Your ideal setup is highly dependent on your specific situation and budget. During the consultation process, you will work with an electrician to review your needs and weigh potential options.

Are generators my only option for backup power?

Solar power and battery banks are both alternatives to generators for backup power. We have found generators to be the most affordable and convenient option for most homeowners.