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Island Ductless Heat Pumps are your local experts in installation, service, and maintenance for your ductless heat pump system. Serving all Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island Communities.


Anacortes – Clinton – Coupeville – Freeland – Greenbank – Langley – Oak Harbor


Island Ductless Heat Pumps installs over 300 systems a year and has earned the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project Master Installer badge for meeting and staying up to date on all of the vigorous installer requirements. We use only the best, most efficient equipment on the market, the best installation products, and follow best practices of Mitsubishi Electric for every installation.


  • Compared to other ducted HVAC systems, installing a ductless heat pump is relatively quick and easy. 

  • There is far less construction/demolition required because there is no ductwork to be installed in the walls

  • A ductless heat pump only requires a 3” hole to run the refrigerant line from the indoor and outdoor units

  • Some buildings cannot easily have ductwork installed, so a ductless heat pump is an ideal solution. 

  • While these systems are relatively fast and easy to install, it’s highly recommended an experienced contractor like IDHP is hired to complete this type of project. 


We provide service and repair of all major brands of ductless heat pumps.


We offer annual maintenance, cleaning and testing service to keep your ductless heat pump system clean and running in top condition.


Annual Maintenance (all prices are before tax):

1 Outdoor Unit & 1 Indoor Unit: $189.00
Each additional Indoor Unit: $42.00
Each additional Outdoor Unit: $150.00
First visit for equipment we didn’t install is a minimum fee of $229.00


Annual Maintenance Contract (Price reflects 15% discount):

1 Outdoor unit & 1 Indoor Unit: $160.65

1 Outdoor unit & 2 Indoor Units: $196.35

1 Outdoor unit & 3 Indoor Units: $232.05

1 Outdoor unit & 4 Indoor Units: $267.75

2 Outdoor units & 2 Indoor Units: $288.15


Filter Cleaning Service (Indoor Units)

Annual Filter Cleaning Plan -

I Indoor Unit (5 visits/year): $216.00

      each additional unit add: $150.00

Individual Cleaning Visit - 1 Indoor Unit: $60.00

     each additional unit add: $36.00

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