Introducing the Island Ductless Difference −
Hybrid Whole Home Zoned Heat Pump System

The Hybrid Whole Home Zoned solution is a new type of heat pump installation our heating system experts at Island Ductless have developed, and many of our customers are very excited about.

This strategic combination leverages the subtle look of a central air heat pump system in your main living area while still giving you the benefits of a ductless heat pump system with units installed in the more separated areas of your home.

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Adapting to the modern home design 

Most new home construction projects we are seeing on Whidbey have a large central open area as their main living space that includes the living room, dining room, kitchen, and often a family room. The smaller rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc., are separated from this open space.  

Many customers like the minimalistic appearance of a forced air system that has only floor, wall, or ceiling registers in the main area of their home even if they are happy to have ductless indoor units in the other areas of the house.  

The solution? 

A Hybrid Heating System

Our designers at Island Ductless saw an opportunity to heat and cool the central area with a single forced air ducted system.

Then, provide individually heated or cooled zones in all the smaller separate rooms with ductless wall, ceiling, or floor units in each of these spaces. 

This approach allows complete zoning without the visual impact of ductless indoor units mounted on walls in the main area. The systems are designed with ductless type outdoor heat pump compressor units that will heat down to as low as -13 degrees outside temperature. 


This hybrid solution gives homeowners the best of both worlds

Minimum heat loss from ductwork needing to stretch across the home.

The ability to heat and cool your home by zone, increasing comfort and efficiency.

A more energy-efficient system using only electricity to condition the home year-round.

What is the cost impact short-term and long-term?

The up-front cost of a hybrid installation is generally higher than an “all ductless” system due to the extra expense of installing ductwork. However, it does open the door for homeowners who don’t want wall-mounted indoor units in their main living area to take advantage of the superior efficiency of a whole home zoned system and of the more efficient heat pump technology they may have originally ruled out – leading to greater cost savings over the long-term. 

Hybrid Heating in the wild… check out our case study!

We recently installed this Hybrid Whole Home Zoned System in a new construction home on Whidbey Island! Check out our case study to see how the project came together. 

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Is hybrid heating right for you? Let’s chat!

If you’re intrigued by this hybrid approach and are wondering if it might be the right option for your home, don’t hesitate to call us at (360) 321-4252 with questions or to reach out for a free estimate! We’ll discuss your needs and your home’s layout to determine what options are available to you.