Common Myths About Ductless Heat Pumps

October 11, 2021

Ductless heat pumps are often overlooked in favor of traditional HVAC systems due to misconceptions about their overall cost, usefulness in older homes, maintenance requirements, and capacity to heat homes in extremely cold climates. Let’s unpack common myths about these systems and explore why ductless heat pumps are a smart investment for any home.

common myths

Myth 1: They Are Overall More Costly Than Traditional Systems

Although ductless heat pump systems often require a higher initial investment, lower utility costs mean they’ll eventually pay for themselves. They also add a $10,400–$17,000 price premium to most homes in the US. Still feeling hesitant about initial costs? Puget Sound Energy offers generous rebates when you install ductless heat pumps in your home, and IDHP can help you apply for Green Energy loans and 18 months same-as-cash financing options for the remaining costs.

Myth 2: They Are Only Suitable for New Construction Homes

While it is true that heating and air conditioning systems (including ductless heat pumps) function best in well-insulated homes, that doesn’t mean they only work well in newer homes. Ductless heat pumps are still highly efficient and effective in older homes and are often considered the ultimate home improvement. They’re desirable cooling and heating supplements for existing systems, and an ideal choice for homeowners who want to swap their system entirely for a more efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly option.

Myth 3: Maintenance Requirements Are Demanding

In reality, ductless heat pumps require the same amount of upkeep as other standard systems. Annual maintenance and cleaning filters keep units in optimal shape and prolong the life of the equipment. At IDHP, we make maintaining systems easy by offering our customers maintenance plan discounts, prioritized appointment scheduling, and automatic warranty incentives for proper upkeep.

Myth 4: They Are Not Effective in Extremely Cold Climates

In the past, ductless heat pumps were inefficient in cold weather. New units, however, are able to keep homes perfectly toasty with 100% heating capacity even down to -13°F. Our systems pull heat from the outdoors and transfer it seamlessly into your home. The units use enhanced compressor technology to continue extracting heat energy even when temperatures reach subzero numbers.

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In Closing

Ductless heat pumps are a smart financial investment, they’re able to effectively heat and cool both new and older homes, they require minimal maintenance, and they’re highly efficient even in below freezing temperatures. Now that we’ve dismantled popular misconceptions about our systems, would you like to hear more? Please give us a call at 360-321-4252 or click here to request an estimate.