Cove heaters: Quiet, efficient, compact

March 14, 2021

cove heaters

The ideal, no hassle heating solution for your smaller spaces

Many of us are transforming our small spare rooms into home offices, sewing nooks, exercise rooms, and workshops. Because some spaces in our home are too small or not used enough to install a ductless mini-split unit, we have found that Cove heaters make a great addition to your comprehensive ductless heat pump install and establish an inviting environment without taking up any space, adding extra noise, or driving up your heating costs. They outperform baseboard and space heaters while offering a more immediate, versatile, safer, and efficient heating option.

Customize your environment

Comfort of radiant heat/warmth of convection heat

Cove heaters are a type of space-saving radiant and convection heater that is completely silent and can be easily mounted on the wall near a ceiling where it will not obstruct or block furniture or take additional space on the floor and is out of the way of drapery. Compact Cove heaters provide the comfort of radiant heat and sustained warmth of convection heat without blowing hot air. Rather than waiting for an entire room to heat to be comfortable, Cove heaters target objects and people, providing an immediately warm and cozy environment.

In a Cove heating unit, an electric element warms an aluminum panel coated with special vitreous enamel. This panel in turn radiates heat outward into the room, similar to solar energy emitted by the sun, which provides exceptional comfort.

In addition to being affordable, compact, and quiet, Cove heaters are:

  • A more consistent and efficient way of heating rather than other small-space heating options.

  • Extremely energy efficient: Markedly more efficient than wall heaters and baseboard heaters, saving you money on your electric bill.

  • Maintenance-free.

  • Available with a variety of thermostats or wireless thermostats.

In closing

Cove heaters are a great heating solution for your smaller spaces that are either not used often or are too small for a ductless mini-split unit. Cove heaters provide efficient heating that instantly transforms your space into a cozy environment without posing fire hazards or driving up your heating costs. Give us a call to learn more about Cove heaters or to discuss other add-on options. We would love to help. 360-321-4252