Deep Cleanings and Your Ductless System

October 10, 2022

deep cleanings and your ductless system

A deep clean for your heating and cooling machine!

Keeping your ductless heat pump clear of buildup is vital to the health of your system, allowing it to function at optimal performance and effectively create clean air in your home. Read on to learn about deep cleanings and how to prevent your system from needing one!

What does a deep cleaning from IDHP entail?

Ductless heat pump owners find themselves in need of deep cleaning services for various reasons. Pet dander, smoke, construction or remodeling, woodworking, and cooking can create fine particulates in the air that aren’t entirely trapped by internal filters, therefore causing a buildup of gunk. Alternatively, excessive humidity, steam from cooking, and mist from showers can lead to moisture buildup from condensation, therefore causing organic materials to grow inside your unit. Lack of regular filter cleaning by the homeowner is also a major contributor to excessive buildup inside the indoor unit. Patrons who bypass annual maintenance, cleanings, and regular filter washings will likely need deep cleaning services to remove buildup as well.

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Preventing the Need for a Deep Clean

Protecting your equipment during home painting, construction, remodeling, or other unforeseen events where increased air particulates might be present, is an effective way to keep your system safe from acquiring built up gunk. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • When painting, turn your system off, cover indoor and outdoor units with plastic or a drop cloth, and make sure overspray doesn’t settle onto or inside the units.

  • Shut your system down and cover units when construction or remodeling is occurring, however in some cases it is best to entirely remove and later re-install your system. If this is the case, make sure to notify IDHP as soon as possible for scheduling and cost information.

  • With seasonal events, such as wildfire smoke, pollens in the air, shedding pets, or frequent woodburning fireplace use, consider cleaning your filters weekly or even daily depending upon the need.

  • Indoor units near kitchens should be cleaned monthly (if not more often), with a mild soap to remove grease if needed.

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Additional Tips for Keeping Your Unit Clean

We’re passionate about the health of your ductless heat pump. Below are a few additional tips that will protect the life and proficiency of your systems:

  • Keep grass, shrubs, bamboo, ivy, and other vegetation away from your equipment, as well as ensure blowers and lawn mowers don’t emit debris toward your unit.

  • Never lean or set items onto your unit.

  • Visually inspect your outdoor unit periodically to ensure rodents or birds aren’t living or trapped inside.

In Closing

Whether lack of regular cleanings, outside elements, or inside elements have caused nasty buildup in your ductless heat pump, we’re here to help you restore your system to its ideal condition and develop a plan for keeping it clean in the future. Please contact us with further questions or to schedule your annual maintenance, filter cleaning, or deep cleaning service today.

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