Ductless Heat Pumps and Allergy Season

February 24, 2020

allergy season

Spring is finally here, but that also means it’s allergy season for some people. Many allergens, such as pollen and dust, fill the air, including inside your home. These not only affect the health and well-being of those with allergies but can also cause similar allergic symptoms in others.

Keep reading to learn how a ductless heat pump is a perfect solution and can provide comfort during allergy season!

Ductless Heat Pumps Mean Cleaner Air Quality

There are a number of solutions to help you combat allergies and stay healthy this season, but one of the most effective ones is installing a ductless heat pump! As the name suggests, these high-performance systems are ductless and use an air filtration system that removes most contaminants from your indoor air. Here are some reasons why ductless heat pumps are an effective solution for the allergy season.

Easy to Clean

Ductless heat pump filters are so easy to clean! With simple washing and vacuuming every other month, you ensure they continue to filter the air most effectively. Just lift the cover and slide the filter out!

Reusable Filters

These filters are reusable and with care can last the lifetime of your system. Simply clean your filter as needed. Using clean filters is a sure way to keep dust and other allergens out of your air before that cooled or heated air enters your room.

Additional Air Purification–Easy to Install on Indoor Units

Additional air purification devices like the RGF-Phi Cell and RGF Clear Sky from RGF Environmental Group can significantly improve your air quality and provide extra comfort during allergy season. They not only remove pollen, smoke, odors, and other particulates from the air, they can reduce mold, bacteria, and viruses in your home by over 99%, including the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

What It Means to Go ‘Ductless’

The ducts in your air conditioner are a prime area for the buildup of pollen, dust, and other allergens. If you opt for a ductless heat pump, you will never have to worry about your ducts!

If you or one of your family members struggles during allergy season, getting an Island Ductless Heat Pump might just be the most beneficial investment you’ll make this spring. Not only will you save money and energy, but you’ll also stay healthy and comfortable through allergy season and beyond! Give us a call at (360) 321-4252 or visit our website to learn more about what we can offer.

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