Ductless Heat Pumps & The New American Jobs Plan

June 17, 2021
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If you are a customer of Island Ductless Heat Pumps or you follow our blogs and social media, you understand our passion for tackling climate change, our enthusiasm for electrification and green energy, and our desire to help our community reduce its carbon footprint to preserve our environment for generations to come.

Recently, the White House made an announcement of the new massive American Jobs Plan. We are thrilled with the goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. This announcement comes with many benefits for our environment, including the role of heat pumps as a key component for zero emission homes and commercial buildings. This move, in addition to the push for other leading technologies, means that the United States will be dropping fossil energy and switching to complete electricity. A huge win for our environment!

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Why the swap to ductless heat pumps?

Did you know that together, home heating and cooling are responsible for roughly 441 million tons of carbon dioxide annually? This is because many homes are currently equipped with heating and cooling systems that require the use of precious non-renewable natural resources like oil and gas to create heat and run certain household appliances. This generation of heat uses 40%–60% more electricity than ductless heat pumps and requires the burning of fossil fuels. This then contributes to our country’s CO2 emissions and the destruction of the environment.

Rather than needing to create heat, ductless heat pumps simply transfer heat energy from one place to another. On cooler days, heat pumps take heat from outside and move it indoors to warm the home. Then vice versa, on warm days, heat pumps pull heat from your home while simultaneously moving cooling energy indoors, establishing close to zero energy loss. It’s easy to understand why the administration is pushing for this swap for both residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the US. This is a solution where everyone and our environment benefit.

In closing

There is hope in the future as the US can look forward to witnessing the positive effects the new American Jobs Plan will have on the environment. Contact us at 360-321-4252 or submit a request to learn more about reducing your carbon footprint while obtaining affordable comfort.

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