Homeowner Tips Series Part 1

December 5, 2019
homeowners tips 1

Investing in a ductless heat pump comes with an abundance of welcome benefits: comfort year round, zoned heating and cooling, top-quality air that is free from pollutants and allergens, and a utility bill that does not make you cringe, to name a few. Like learning the features and processes of any new gadget or machinery, you may have questions about your mini-split system. We have created a four-part blog series where you will find videos with information you may find helpful or interesting about your mini-split system.

Answers to Common Questions

Many owners of ductless heat pumps have questions about their systems. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions.

Why does my heat pump fan keep blowing quietly?

This has to do with the continuous operation of the fan after it has reached the temperature set on the remote control or thermostat. This occurs for two reasons: 1) to continually monitor room temperature, and 2) to keep circulating and cleaning the air.

Where does my ductless heat pump mini-split system sense my room temperature? 

Actually, the indoor unit itself is where room temperature is detected.

Is it normal for my heat pump to make crackling, popping, clicking, gurgling, and swooshing noises?

These sounds are indeed normal for two reasons: 1) the plastic in your unit is both expanding and contracting when your system is running so it may make popping or clicking noises, and 2) your heat pump needs to keep from freezing up and will switch itself into defrost mode for several minutes. This is often accompanied by a loud “swooshing” sound or crackling and gurgling noises for a few minutes when your heat pump switches over into this defrost mode. You may even see a cloud of steam, like vapor. This is normal.

Can I have my heat pump units set to different modes? 

The answer to this question is NO if you own an MXZ system multi-head system. Like all mini-split systems, MXZ systems are equipped with different modes. However, when you have more than one indoor unit on the same compressor, they must all be operating in the same mode for the whole system to work.

Why does my heat pump blow cold air when it’s in heat mode?

The answer may be either the system is in reverse mode to defrost itself, or it is in standby mode and is just circulating the air, which can make it feel cold even though it’s not. If you rule out those possibilities, then a service call may be needed.

In Closing

We hope you found the answers to these common questions helpful. Come back soon to learn about the functions of your handheld remote in Part 2 of our question and answer blog series.

Watch this video to learn more.