Homeowner Tips Series Part 3: How to Operate the MUZ-FH Handheld Remote

April 28, 2020
homeowners tips 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our blog series where we hope to answer questions and give you insights to your ductless heat pump system. In this blog, you will see common questions pertaining to the MUZ-FH ductless heat pump handheld remote.

How do I use my MUZ-FH ductless heat pump remote control?

The MUZ-FH remote functions in a similar way to the Mitsubishi remote discussed in the Part 2 blog. However, it does have a few additional upgrades as it is paired with a newer system model. Just as with the previous model, this remote is equipped with a Power button to turn your unit on and off, Temperature buttons to increase or decrease your desired set temperature, along with Mode, Fan, and Vane buttons.

How do I change the direction of the vanes on my ductless heat pump?

With this remote, you have multiple options for the vanes. In addition to the Wide vane, you can set the Left or Right vane function by pressing the L-Vane-R function buttons. Furthermore, this remote also has an Indirect/Direct button that will give you the option to have the unit follow the path of the individual in the room, or to sense the person in the room and purposely avoid blowing air directly on them.

How do I set the weekly timer on my ductless heat pump remote control?

This model is equipped with a weekly timer feature that allows you to program your unit.

What is the Natural Flow button on my ductless heat pump remote control?

The Natural Flow button tells your unit to mimic a natural breeze, which is an option many customers enjoy.


We hope you found these explanations helpful. Take a look at our other blogs in this series for more information about your ductless heat pump.

Watch this video for more information on the MUZ-FH remote.

Thank you!