How NOT to Use Your Ductless Heat Pump

July 12, 2022

Enough with the ductless do’s, let’s discuss some don’ts!

You’ve made the switch to a ductless heat pump, yet boilers and furnaces might be all you’ve ever known. Many new installation clients find themselves surprised at how our systems differ from other traditional heating and cooling methods, so we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you achieve efficiency, savings, and comfort.

Don’t Focus on the Numbers

When it comes to considering the ideal room temperature, a specific number may come to mind. This is because many of us are accustomed to traditional heating and cooling methods that measure ambient air differently than ductless heat pumps. Upon installation, set your system to a comfortable temperature yet spend a day or two adjusting it as needed. You might be surprised what your new favorite number turns out to be!

Don’t Assume You’re Wasting Energy

Most heating and cooling methods cause utility bills to spike during hot or cold weather, driving homeowners to lower temperature settings at night or when they leave during the day. Ductless systems differ in that they reach optimal efficiency when left at a specific temperature or close to that temperature. In other words, leaving your system running within 6 degrees of your comfort setting will actually save energy, increase efficiency, and decrease utility costs. However, when leaving home for more than 24 hours, it makes sense to lower your system’s temperature setting.

Don’t Coddle Your Ductless Heat Pump 

We’re often taught to use our vehicles, appliances, and other machinery with delicacy out of fear that they’ll combust or explode when overexerted. Yet heat pumps thrive when challenged, specifically during winter! You’ll benefit most from your system’s heating abilities by inviting it to work as hard as possible. Open some interior doors, expand the zone, turn up the fan, and see what your ductless heat pump is capable of accomplishing.

Don’t Park Your System in “Auto” Mode

Many might associate “Auto” mode with efficiency, yet it can cause your system to bounce back and forth between cooling and heating mode which affects efficiency and overall performance. Alternatively, set your system to “Cool” in summer and “Heat” in winter so your system can establish a groove and get straight to work on keeping your home comfortable. Please note: If you have your system in Auto Mode and you turn the temperature down at night, it will start the air conditioning until the room is at the lower setting. It’s important to point out that “Auto Fan” is a different setting and effective to utilize.

Don’t Waste Time on the Lowest Fan Speed

Ductless heat pumps have many unique skills, and one of them is the ability to work most proficiently when set to one of the higher speeds, not the lowest, fan speed. The higher the speed the more heat is distributed into your home and the further that heat will penetrate into your home. Simply select the highest speed you’re comfortable with, set your preferred temperature, and start enjoying the great indoors.

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In Closing

Ductless systems continue to stun homeowners with their low maintenance, energy savings, high efficiency, and cost-effective qualities. Amid all of the do’s and don’ts of ductless heat pumps, remember to enjoy your system and have fun with it! And remember to contact IDHP with further questions or to set up maintenance services.