Island Ductless announces rebates and incentives that really add up

July 10, 2020

It’s the official start of summer, and the heat will be making its way to the Northwest very soon. While we love all things summer, it’s predicted to be a HOT one. If you’ve been considering investing in a ductless heat pump, or if you’ve been wanting to add on to your existing system, now is the time to take the leap. We have never seen anything like the savings that are being offered right now. Let’s take a look at all the ways you can save.

To start, take advantage of all the rebates that Puget Sound Energy is currently offering, as you may qualify for more than one. First, PSE has recently announced a new high-efficiency rebate. With this rebate, your home can save either $400 or $600 on your heat pump installation. This rebate applies to both existing homes and new construction projects.

Additionally, you can save more with PSE’s existing rebates. The amount your home qualifies for depends on the type of home you own, along with its heat source prior to going ductless. What type of home do you currently own and what does it qualify for with PSE’s instant rebates? Let’s break it down. 

Stick-built: Homes constructed from wood on site.

  • Non-electric Propane, oil, wood Non-electric homes that use an alternative heat source such as propane, oil, or wood as their primary source of heat. These do not qualify for PSE’s existing rebate; however, they do qualify for PSE’s high-efficiency rebate. 

  • Electric Wall heaters, baseboard Electric homes that use non-central electric heat, such as wall heaters and baseboards as their main source of heat. Electric homes qualify for $800 with PSE’s existing rebate. If you have an electrically heated Accessory Dwelling Unit, your home may qualify for an additional rebate as well.

  • Electric furnace Homes that use an electric furnace will qualify for an additional $1,500 with PSE’s existing rebate. 

Mobile or manufactured: Homes that have been fabricated in a factory, then transported to the homeowner’s site.

  • Electric furnace Mobile and manufactured homes that are electrically heated will qualify for $2,400 with PSE’s existing rebate.

These savings are just what your home qualifies for with PSE’s rebates. Let’s look at more ways to save.

As an Elite Diamond Contractor, we are able to pass along Mitsubishi’s equipment incentives when they are offered. Incentives range from $100‒$500, depending on the equipment that is used with your installation. When discussing your system options, we’ll let you know which manufacturer incentives are currently available. 

Discover your savings:

  • Non-electric homes: $500 or more

  • Electric homes: $1,300 or more

  • Electric furnace: $2,000 or more

  • Mobile manufactured homes: $2,900 or more

Financing options are available to help you get started. Ask us about our new “36-month same as cash” loan program. You may also qualify for our “Green Energy Loan.” We are happy to answer any questions as you determine what financing is best for you.

Enjoy affordable comfort year-round. Start saving today.