Keeping your home cool in summer

August 9, 2019
keeping your home cool in summer

Our client came to us with a problem: Summer was fast approaching, and their home was already uncomfortably hot. They had previously installed a Mitsubishi air conditioning unit in the master bedroom, but the rest of the house wasn’t feeling the effects. While the client enjoyed the wall air conditioning unit in the master bedroom and wanted to find a way to cool down the rest of the house, they were reticent to install a similar wall unit in the living room.

We worked with the client to find a solution that would distribute cool air evenly throughout the house. The client wanted a quiet unit that would take up minimal space inside the living room, so we decided to install a ceiling unit. We installed a low-profile ceiling unit that only protrudes about ½ inch down from the ceiling and takes up about 16” x 48” on the ceiling. This indoor unit has variable fan speed and directional controls, so the client is always able to keep the temperature just the way they like it. While the primary focus of this application is its cooling features, this unit also provides heat during the colder months.

Right away, our client noticed the benefits of the additional Mitsubishi air conditioning system. Our ceiling unit used no wall space and was virtually unnoticeable in the living room, and the client immediately noted the efficiency and quietness of the unit in their home. The variable fan speed and air directional control allows the client to project the conditioned air to the area of the living room that most needs it, and the unit also provides zoned heating to the living room.

With the help of a second Mitsubishi air conditioning system, our client was able to remain comfortable even in extreme weather conditions. Zoned air conditioning keeps each room in the house cool all summer long, and during smokey weather, the client could easily close up the home and keep everyone inside comfortable. Learn more about how Island Ductless can help your home stay comfortable in any kind of weather at:

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