Own a large home that is expensive to heat or keep cool?

February 9, 2019

1970’s Home with High Heating bills from Electric Boiler

1970’s Home with High Heating bills from Electric Boiler

This is a beautiful 2700 sq. ft. home built in 1978, has moderate insulation values for its large square footage. This 3-bedroom home features separate rooms for both a living room and family room, along with a spacious kitchen and dining room. Additionally, this home has a complete apartment in the basement.

The previous heating system was an electric boiler with a hot water system going to the many areas of the house, which was very expensive to run with several areas still being uncomfortable at times. The homeowner also brought up that they had no air conditioning as the system was quite old.

We installed a Mitsubishi 42,000 BTU 5 head Hyper-Heat system with wall units in the two main living areas and the three bedrooms. Additionally, we installed a separate Mitsubishi 15,000 BTU in the basement apartment.  Due to the size of the home and older insulation values, we needed to provide a lot of heat in the two main areas of the home to ensure it would stay warm in very cold Washington weather.

The Hyper-heat systems will produce its face value capacity or more as temperatures drop to 5 degrees. The 42,000 BTU system will provide up to 48,000 BTU when temperatures reach 17 degrees outside.

This system uses a branch box distribution center for the refrigerant which increases its capacity and shortens the refrigerant lines.  The separate unit for the basement apartment allows that user to heat or cool regardless of what the rest of the house is doing.

This system keeps the whole house comfortable year-round and the homeowner reported a 50% decrease in their heating bill! Did we mention that Heat Pump systems also work for Air Conditioning? Their new system provides cool relief from the rising summer temperatures as well as filters the air, protecting occupants from Smokey air outside during summer fires.


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