Plan Now to Stay Cool Through Heatwaves by Going Ductless

March 17, 2022

Keeping You Cool is a Breeze with Ductless Heat Pumps!

The summer of 2021 left many PNW residents scrambling for last-minute cooling solutions, as Washington again experienced record-breaking heat. Global warming and environmental change continue to show their effects, and residents are beginning to accept that periods of extreme seasonal heat are inevitable. Ductless heat pumps offer the perfect solution to this “heat crisis,” with their ability to cool the inside despite blazing temperatures outside. With additional perks such as energy efficiency, cost savings, regulated zoned temperatures, and the ability to filter indoor wildfire smoke, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without our systems.


Climbing Temperatures

Historically, many PNW residents have found home cooling systems unnecessary because extreme hot spells were rare and brief. However, seasonal record-breaking heat waves have become the norm for Washingtonians, leaving people sweltering in their homes more often and for longer stretches of time. Sadly, scientific data predicts that we will continue to experience extreme weather due to climate change, with continued indefinite rising temperatures.

Why Going Ductless Will Keep You Calm, Cool, and Collected All Summer Long

Our systems are the perfect solution for providing indoor climate comfort all year round. Their all-in-one solution not only delivers high-efficiency cooling and heating without having to purchase two separate units, but also reduces utility costs and energy consumption compared with other systems. Additionally, the ability to control temperature by zone means each member of your family can stay perfectly comfortable in different areas of the house. Lastly, our systems are proficient at filtering out wildfire smoke, which has also become a hallmark of PNW summers and falls. The ability to breathe easily and recline comfortably indoors is something we want each of our customers to enjoy.

Plan Now to Stay Cool

The summer of 2021 was like nothing we’d previously experienced here at Island Ductless Heat Pumps. We suddenly became flooded with hundreds of new clients seeking refuge from daily temperatures over 100degrees, and worked tirelessly to install as many new systems as possible for our community. Because we couldn’t meet the immediate influx of demand last summer, we’re encouraging everyone to plan ahead this year. If you wait until late spring or summer to contact us, your installation may not be possible until fall. Plan now, schedule our services, and stay cool throughout the upcoming heat waves.

Plan Now to stay cool


In Closing

If you’re lucky enough to be one of our completed installation customers, remember that scheduling annual maintenance and regularly cleaning your filters will keep your system performing optimally. During summer months when wildfire smoke fills the air, cleaning your filters is more important than ever. Ductless heat pumps are unique for many reasons, specifically their ability to regulate indoor temperatures amidst extreme outdoor climates. Contact us for help with system maintenance, or to learn more about how going ductless will provide you and your family with cooling comfort all summer long!

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