Ductless Systems: What to Expect During the Proposal Process

February 24, 2023

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Many homeowners continue to go ductless by installing heating and cooling heat pump systems into their homes, yet one size does not fit all when it comes to businesses selling ductless systems. It’s important to know what you should expect throughout the bid process.

The following is a checklist of what a quality company should provide during a ductless system proposal process:

  • Heat loss study: To begin a job proposal, the sales representative should perform a comprehensive “Manual-J” heat loss calculation, measuring your entire home, including windows, doors, and skylights, and assess insulation values. This will help them to identify and accurately size the heat pump equipment that will be needed to heat and cool each space.

  • Space and comfort analysis: The company should ask you questions about how each room in your home is used, where you’d like increased comfort, and whether you’re concerned with details such as allergies, wildfire smoke, and system placement aesthetics.

  • Equipment options: You should be provided with a clear and detailed explanation of the different HVAC equipment options available, associated benefits, and performance characteristics of each. These options should meet the identified needs for your ductless system and the company should help you understand what is possible and what will work best with our equipment.

  • System design: Given the needs of your space and equipment options, the company should provide a customized design for your HVAC system. This design should include submittals (details about the size and type of equipment needed) and information about any additional components that may be needed such as surge protectors.

  • Cost estimates: You should be provided a detailed “proposal” for the total HVAC system. This should include all equipment, installation costs, and any permitting or necessary electrical work. The company should also identify any manufacturer rebates or other incentives you may qualify for in the proposal. These incentives can include income-based programs, state and federal programs promoting heat pumps, and inform you about possible tax rebates available to you when filing your taxes.

  • Energy efficiency: During the proposal meeting, a discussion around energy efficiency of the proposed HVAC system should also be provided to you. The sales representative should be able to explain how the system will help reduce your energy costs and improve overall indoor comfort.

  • Maintenance requirements: You should be aware of maintenance required for your system ahead of any installation. This should include the frequency of maintenance, the cost of routine upkeep, and let you know what future maintenance is included with the installation.

  • Warranty information: The company should provide information on the parts warranty for the HVAC system, including the length of the warranty, the type of coverage offered, and the company’s policy for handling warranty claims. They should also provide details on any workmanship guarantee or any labor warranty they provide as a company.

  • Financing options: Along with the cost estimates, the company should also ensure they provide you with applicable financing options appropriately geared toward HVAC installation.

  • Proposal change requests: The company should be available to discuss and make any requested changes once the client has reviewed the original proposal.

  • Timeline: The proposal should include a comprehensive timeline for the HVAC project, including the estimated start and completion dates, and any contingencies for potential delays.

  • Installation process: Clear information about what to expect when the installation occurs should be provided to you, including but not limited to: 

    • Where holes will be drilled

    • What the line hide will look like

    • Plans for the line hide location

    • Actual size of the indoor and outdoor equipment

    • Client preparation and planning expectations prior to the installation

    In Closing

    At Island Ductless Heat Pumps, we carefully listen to customer needs and provide detailed analysis of heat loss and comfort solutions, while working hard to offer products, services, and prices that can’t be beat. When receiving a proposal for your new heating and cooling solution, expect each company to provide this same level of excellent service. Contact us to learn more!