Want to do your part to slow climate change?

March 10, 2020
want to do your part to slow climate change

Ductless Heat Pumps Are One of the Most Effective Ways of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Clean, renewable energy is on the minds of many. We hear about the effects of climate change and ways we can help slow it down. But are we taking it seriously? At Island Ductless Heat Pumps, we're passionate about finding sustainable ways to keep our planet healthy for years to come.

Benefits of Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps (aka mini-splits) run using electricity instead of gas. This reduces the emissions that each household produces in the United States. In fact, the average home in the US could reduce its emissions by nearly 70% by converting to ductless heat pumps for home heating and air conditioning as well as for water heating. Already, families nationwide are choosing ductless heat pumps as their heat source, because they use three to four times less energy than gas, oil, propane, or wood appliances. Not to mention, they are also less visible, audible, and only need a small hole drilled to install.

Where to Install Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps are best placed primarily in the central area of most homes. Also adding them in other large rooms will help you gain the maximum impact from their energy efficiency. Smaller rooms not frequently used are often left with existing or added wall heaters. Existing heat can be left in place as backup if the customer requests it.

At Island Ductless Heat Pumps, we care about saving our planet while still delivering efficient heating and cooling to our customers. Thankfully, with ductless heat pumps, we can do both! Reach out to our team if you're ready to move to an environmentally friendly HVAC solution.

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