Want to keep your mobile home comfortable?

July 20, 2019

keep your mobile hoem comfortable

Do you own a mobile home and would you like to receive rebates for upgrading to a ductless heating solution? One of our clients with a mobile home received a $2,400 rebate from PSE and a $350 incentive from Mitsubishi for implementing their outdoor ductless heating and cooling unit.

Our client was relying on an inefficient forced air electric furnace to heat their home when they came to us looking for a better solution. They also had a natural gas stove that provided some heat, but it could really only heat one room. The furnace was noisy and expensive to run, so the client knew that they needed a single comprehensive solution for heating and cooling their home. We installed a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat 30,000 BTU Outdoor Unit, with accompanying units in the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. The client loved how quiet the units are, and how easy it is to custom-heat each individual room in their home. And because ductless heat pump technology is more cost-effective, the client enjoys saving 40‒60% on their heating bill.

Our ductless heat pump systems provide cooling in the summer during increasingly hotter weather, and much-needed heat during the coldest months. In this case, our client commended our ability to provide superior comfort at a much lower ongoing cost. And with a system that’s reliable and easy to maintain, our client will remain comfortable for many more seasons to come. Learn more about how Island Ductless Heat Pumps can help you be comfortable at a lower cost: www.islandheatpumps.com

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