Curious about going ductless?

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Converting to ductless heating is one of the best things you can do for your comfort and the planet!

Welcome! You’ve been referred by someone who thinks you might be interested in transforming your home with ductless heating and cooling. If you’ve ever been curious about going ductless, now’s the perfect time to take the plunge! Here’s why:

  • PSE has raised their rebate from $800 to $1,500 for converting electrically heated homes. With additional possible PSE rebates available, you could save up to $3,000.
  • Manufacturer incentives are available up to $1,000 off the cost of equipment through May 25, 2024.
  • If you are heating with gas, wood, propane, or oil, the Kicking Gas  program is now offering reimbursements of up to $8,000 for Whidbey Island residents to convert to ductless heat pumps.
  • Federal Residential Energy Tax Credits of up to $2,000 per installation will be available when you file your 2024 taxes.
  • For a limited time, we are offering $250 off the cost of a Surge Protector installed with your new system purchased from us.

Why work with us?

Island Ductless was founded to bring the benefits of ductless heat pumps to more homes in our community with the quality, craftsmanship, and care they deserve. That’s why we offer top-tier certifications and expertise with the availability and personal touch of a Whidbey Island−based company. What does this look like in practice?

Expertise in the field:

  • 13 years of experience
  • 4,500 installations (and counting!)
  • Elite Diamond Contractor with Mitsubishi

All the benefits of working with a local company:

  • Logistical elements like warranties, permits, and inspections coordinated by our team
  • Local availability for maintenance and repairs
  • Homeowner best practices specific to the Puget Sound

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